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Sukhi Gill

Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, UKIIMEA, Fellow, DXC Technology
Business & Technology Strategy | Cloud & Platforms | Digital Culture | Manufacturing | Public Sector
London, UK

Sukhi Gill is DXC Technology’s vice president and chief technology officer for UK, Ireland, Israel, the Middle East and Africa, and is also a DXC Fellow. With more than 30 years of industry experience, Sukhi has an outstanding record of achievement in sales and delivery of very large scale IT services. He directs the engagement of technologists with the business leaders who are challenged by business transformation.

Digital disruption is occurring in every industry, fueled by empowered consumers, as well as mobile, cloud and real-time data. These weapons of mass disruption are now readily available as enabling digital platforms to build and launch disruptive businesses that can reach millions of consumers. Technologists who can enable business value have never been in more demand. What a time to be a business technologist!