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Seelan Nayagam

Vice President and General Manager, Asia Pacific, DXC Technology
Business & Technology Strategy | Digital Culture | Future of Work
Sydney, Australia

Seelan Nayagam is DXC Technology’s vice president and general manager of the Asia Pacific Region. Previously, he held senior executive positions at CSC and IBM. As a member of many steering committees and advisory boards, he regularly advises chief executives and other leaders on how to increase business value through technology. He is known for revitalizing large multinational organizations. Seelan holds a B.S. (honors) in computer science and accounting from the University of Buckingham, UK.

Although digital transformation is technology-related, we have to step back and think of it quite simply as solving problems. It’s about constantly looking to leverage new ways of thinking and new ways of using technology to deliver outcomes that move the bar for customers. Digital transformation for me is really about fast-tracking innovative thinking within organizations.