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Michael Dahlweid, MD

Global Chief Medical Officer, DXC Technology
Healthcare & Life Sciences | Artificial Intelligence | Future of Work
Zurich, Switzerland

Michael Dahlweid, MD, PhD, is DXC’s Global Chief Medical Officer and leads DXC’s solutions portfolio for healthcare and life sciences. He has more than 20 years of C-level medical leadership experience, including global CTO for the largest Swiss healthcare organization and global Chief Medical Officer for GE Healthcare and AGFA. Michael is board-certified in trauma care, and he still sees patients in emergency settings and teaches and works academically in clinical information management, AI in healthcare and healthcare design thinking.

I am a big fan of AI, not because it sounds cool. AI is here to help us to be more precise when it comes to diagnoses, more caring when it comes to interacting with our patients, and more cost-effective when it comes to repetitive tasks in healthcare.