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Jerry Overton

DXC Fellow, Director of the Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence, DXC Technology
Analytics | Artificial Intelligence | Automation & Robotics
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Jerry Overton is a data scientist in DXC Technology’s Analytics group and a DXC Fellow. He is the global lead for DXC’s Applied Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence. An author, inventor and instructor, Jerry blogs at Doing Data Science, where he shares his experiences leading artificial intelligence (AI) innovation. Jerry is vice chair of The Scott-Morgan Foundation, whose mission is to promote the ethical use of AI and robotics to enhance people’s lives and society.

Artificial intelligence often conjures up images of the dark, apocalyptic future from science fiction movies. I believe that over the next 3 years, rather than being something to fear, the democratization of AI will enhance everyone’s life in new ways that we can’t even imagine.