Companies’ workloads today are so high that there is hardly any time left for things that go beyond core tasks, meetings or email marathons. Security teams vying for attention on security-related issues often add to the clutter as well. Yet IT security is one of the core challenges of digitisation — and must be embraced by every single one of a company’s employees. The question is: How can employees be encouraged to engage with this content?

Get creative

To put together an attractive, varied package of measures that motivate employees to set aside a few minutes of their limited time, you need one thing above all else: creativity. Just like the Swiss watch manufacturer IWC Schaffhausen, for example. There, the employees were brought on board with targeted, group-specific information paired with events such as live hacking and “Lunch & Learn” (a combination of security training, fun social interaction and a good lunch).

However, creativity is a must not just for the media used to communicate security issues, but also for their design. After all, even the best ideas don’t matter much if they are not attractively packaged. The old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” sums it up more than adequately. In the digital world, logos, symbols, animations and videos are essential elements.

Go easy on the eyes

Visual design is key to the success of any security-awareness campaign — it’s crucial to exhaust this potential using multimedia content to constructively support your storytelling. A unique design also creates familiarity. You should not disregard the psychological component either: People are able to take in images much faster than text and keep them in their minds for much longer. Colours also play an important role because they appeal to the viewer’s emotions.

A successful visual design gives your security-awareness campaign an unmistakable touch. The right partner will be able to design a tailor-made campaign for you. Ideally, this will leverage your company’s corporate design and create an independent brand (including logo, claim and narrative) that guarantees the highest possible recognition value for your security-awareness campaign.