Football makes the world go around. Especially during the World Cup. And half the fun in football is predicting game results. Remember Paul, the ‘oracle’ octopus who was predicting the outcomes during the 2010 World Cup? And this 2018 Mundial has his successor, Achilles, the Russian psychic cat. So, combine a pinch of fun, the excitement of predicting football results and innovative digital technology and what do you get?

DXC Football, a creative and innovative mobile app jazzing up the football experience. Aimed at both internal and external audiences, the app is an exciting way to engage employees, clients, and stakeholders and demonstrate the power of digital tech solutions. Free and simple to use, the app is available for both iOS and Android systems. You download it, register, predict match results, cheer your favorite teams, compete with friends and colleagues and climb the leaderboard if you get the results right. One can play and compete individually or to double the fun create a team of friends and colleagues.

Developed by the North and Central Europe (NCE) Application Services team at DXC Germany, the Football app is a fun example of the ongoing tech innovation and forward thinking to drive business results, initiate creative interaction with clients and engage employees through digital technology. The app is based on the Amazon cloud platform and leverages the AWS services. It allows scaling according to the system load and uses microservices as well as serverless architecture. The Apps team made use of modern DevOps concepts, automated the build and test processes of each service and integrated deployment of the application environment.

“Such end-to-end digital projects following global events are the new normal for our company. We believe technology is driving business outcomes,” says Ruediger Ernst, Director Applications Business NCE, DXC Technology. “We applied this thinking on the DXC Football app and reworked all things in an agile approach multiple times. Such projects are a great opportunity to train our experienced technologists about the new tools and technologies, like the cloud, and thus, strengthen their knowledge, so they can kickstart a client’s new application project from 0 to 100 in just one day.”

Creating the app was just the first part of a big employee engagement buzz. Within hours of the internal launch there were over 1000 app downloads. Internal social channels were buzzing, employees were talking about matches, posting photos and predictions and creating teams. In just one day the app became the perfect ‘football fever’ digital friend. It effectively increased employee engagement beyond anyone’s expectations, as colleagues from all corners of the world united and engaged in discussions over this entertaining global event.

Client reactions – like the ones in Spain got to see and download the app at the DXC Summit in Madrid’s Wanda football stadium just before the World Cup kick-off – were also very encouraging. Once the football app kicked in, the formal walls went down. It was a unique way to take a break from the standard meetings and bond over an event most of us follow passionately. Why use long formal presentations when you have an exciting and practical way for clients to see your digital tech solutions and abilities, and experience the digital transformation first hand?

Apart from spicing up the football experience, the app’s technology sparked up interest among customers and already got modified for a client’s charity project, showing how digital technology can help companies and organisations thrive.

Want to join the fun? Go ahead and download DXC Football and let’s see who will get the winner right: you, a friend or Achilles, the cat. Game on.