In my last article, I wrote about how DXC Technology’s innovative new Digital Government Experience Centre (DGX) is helping achieve better outcomes for society through collaboration and co-creation.

Based in Mechelen, Belgium, DGX brings civil servants and government leaders together with the very latest technology, industry experts and other brilliant minds to envision, roadmap and future-proof governments’ digital transformations. This time, I’d like to share with you a little about the dynamic learning environment at DGX that’s inspiring governments to accelerate their digital transformation.

At DGX, we know that governments aren’t transforming for the sake of it. Each has an individual set of objectives and we realise, too, that each is at a different stage of the digital journey.

That’s why we don’t just start from zero with a clean sheet of paper. At any stage on the digital journey, DGX adds value by offering many different engagement experiences, enabling governments to explore every aspect of their transformation roadmap.

We understand, too, that digital transformation is a perpetual journey and organisations don’t actually have to get to an end-point – continuous digital innovation ensures it’s a never-ending transformation. It doesn’t matter where you are on that journey, DGX can help you accelerate and de-risk your next steps.

At DGX, our unique approach has helped many global clients transform into effective digital governments. For example, for more than 12 years, we’ve partnered with the Flemish government throughout their digital transformation journey; we’ve also helped governments to innovate through standardisation and data sharing; tax offices cut costs; increased probation officers’ productivity; improved public transport safety; and helped develop smart water metering.

Going forward, DGX marks the spot where we will continue to help governments to accelerate their digital journey – whether that’s about driving efficiencies, improving citizen engagement, or generally about creating stable, safer and more sustainable societies for us all.

Next time, I’ll talk more about the journey to successful digital government and about Enterprise Services transformation DNA – the reasons why we believe we are the partner of choice for governments worldwide.