Auto manufacturers face an important challenge today: How do established and successful companies adapt and become fully-digital organisations at the same time as the industry moves to hybrid, electric and autonomous cars?

Automotive has experienced stunning technology advancements in the last few years: Some of these innovations include driver-assistance systems such as Automatic Emergency Braking, Adaptive Cruise Control and Comfort functions such as gesture control or remote park control.

Today, premium vehicles have more than 50 computers and 100 million lines of code versus a jet fighter that has approximately 24 million lines of code. Mechanics have to be as computer-savvy today as a developer in Silicon Valley. Add to the mix that hybrid vehicles are more affordable, autonomous cars are on the rise and car makers are embracing new business models to satisfy the mobility needs of their customers (car/ride share and mobility solutions such as car2go, MAVEN, Lyft) and it’s clear we’re going through a monumental industry transformation.

At DXC, we are working closely with our partners to create a virtual Automotive Center of Excellence (COE) that’s focused on solving all of these complex challenges for auto makers. The COE has core competencies in the following areas: Analytics, Production and Agile Development, and Operations. We work closely with our customers and our expertise in automotive consulting helps them define and implement their strategic road-map to become digital organisations. Furthermore, we also leverage our partner ecosystem that includes large corporations, as well as start-ups, to drive and inject innovation. While we base most of this expertise in the Northern and Central regions of Europe, these core business competencies are available to clients worldwide.

Here’s a quick rundown of how each core competency contributes to solving automotive issues:

  1. Analytics. DXC has analytics capabilities and solutions to support the auto industry along its value chain. In R&D, for example, we have solutions that handle and analyse multiple petabytes of data that helps improve testing activities. With analytics, auto manufacturers can also manage their supply chains better, gain a deeper understanding into consumer needs and preferences and assess how best to price their parts and products.
  2. Production. DXC helps its customers set up new production lines or plants with the latest Industry 4.0 standards and concepts. By using our solutions and capabilities, our clients can achieve their key objectives: efficiency, stability and increased collaboration. Our Automotive consultants develop and operate complete “factories-as-a-service,” or key functional parts of the production facility, such as Manufacturing Execution or Product Lifecycle Management Systems. DXC’s experts work together with our clients to define their road-map for becoming digital companies. For example, our “Industry 4.0 Platform” enables significant progress towards achieving the vision of the connected factory. Certainly, in production everything is increasingly data driven and our manufacturing analytics solution offers insights into the production processes.
  3. Agile development and operations. DXC Agile Development and Operations services support our clients’ software applications needs from the idea creation and strategy through prototyping, testing and bringing it to life, as well as maintaining and improving it. We support all of the above with proven agile methodologies and highly dynamic processes that are up to speed with the market. DXC accomplishes this by using the appropriate computing infrastructures such as public, private or specifically hybrid cloud offerings, depending on our clients’ needs and the best fit for the application. We provide end-to-end solutions or by components, bespoke to our customers and their needs.

Building on DXC’s Digital Transformation capabilities, we use the Automotive COE to focus on our automotive clients’ needs during the transformative process from pure car producers to providers of mobility solutions. Specific solutions around the added value of analytics – effective production environments and agile operation methods like Dev Ops, hybrid cloud and future virtual workplaces can be leveraged by our global OEM customers and suppliers. The Automotive Team at DXC has the right means and skills to effectively carry out and solve all essential tasks and problems for our automotive customers on their digital transformation journey.