Rapid advances in technology bring exciting things into the realm of possibilities. For instance, what about managing supply chains and recalls with blockchain?

“There are a lot of people in this world who think that’s a moon shot,” says Dan Angelucci, DXC Technology’s regional chief technology officer for Asia, “but we can do that now.”

Indeed, technology is taking a great leap forward. Some might even say a quantum leap.

“Just past the horizon, I start to see the next set of computing problems that really need solutions,” says Angelucci. “I see quantum computing as being able to solve the next level of IT problems.”

Quantum computing is more than just a different approach to computing, however. As Angelucci says, it’s really a paradigm change for how we view computing itself. And while quantum computing might still be in its nascent stages, Angelucci believes organizations had better get used to it fast.

“I think that that’s where things are heading in a hurry.”