Companies across Asia are making digital transformation the focus of their growth strategy, finding innovative new ways to unlock operational performance and agility. And while these companies understand the importance of automating processes and creating efficient operational models, they are also focused on transforming the customer experience.

“When we talk about digital transformation,” explains David François, managing director of MoniMedia, “it’s really about how do you create a digital advantage — a competitive advantage through digital and technology — that allows you to connect with your customers in a different way.”

Enterprises now have the opportunity to engage with consumers as never before, and customer experience has evolved into one of the key competitive differentiators for a company’s success. To accelerate this change, businesses often introduce promising new technologies into their existing IT environment, only to watch them fail to fully deliver the intended results. Designing for the user experience can help prevent this.

Dan Angelucci, DXC Technology’s chief technology officer in Asia, says, “As digital becomes more pervasive, and as business process optimization becomes more and more a focus, the discussion around it becomes less about the horizontal technologies that we would implement and more about the experience of how those things fit together.”

While each new technology implementation usually has a solid business case behind it, organizations don’t always have a clear vision of how it will integrate with existing systems to create a compelling experience for users — both employees and customers.

“What would be the next logical step for them to reap the benefit of a fully integrated digital ecosystem?” asks MoniMedia’s François. “There are a lot of legacy systems, and the infrastructures are usually quite fragmented. They need to have one view of the customer and provide an omnichannel experience.”

When enterprises obtain this 360-degree view, François says, they will be able to customize and personalize experiences for each customer.

There’s no better time for enterprises to reimagine the relationships with their customers and take full advantage of digital technologies to own the customer experience in an increasingly dynamic marketplace.

“It’s an awesome time to be involved in this industry,” says Dean Samuels, head of solutions architecture for Amazon Web Services in Hong Kong and Taiwan. “One of the key things I’ve learned is that really listening to customers, and listening to what customers want to achieve, really allows us to innovate very quickly on their behalf.”