“Because of the dynamics in the market, our industry is changing remarkably.”

– Damian Bunyan, CIO, Uniper




Dusseldorf, Germany

Business: Energy

Global energy company Uniper generates, trades and markets energy on a large scale. The company also procures, stores, transports, and supplies commodities such as natural gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and coal, as well as energy-related products.

Uniper focuses on leveraging the advantages offered by digitization to implement innovative solutions. The company aims to create value for consumers by offering tailor-made energy solutions and freeing customers from having to worry about the complex energy issues they face.


“Using this predictability, using machines that can learn and intelligence that is maybe artificial, really help us get to the point where we can predict what’s going to happen going forward much better — data becomes the lifeblood of any future business model.”

– Damian Bunyan, CIO, Uniper