“The food retail industry is changing enormously with the impact of digital innovation.”

– Ben Wishart, CIO, Ahold Delhaize



Zaandam, Netherlands

Retail food

Food retailer Ahold Delhaize includes supermarkets, convenience stores, online delivery services and specialty stores. Spanning Europe, the United States and Indonesia, Ahold Delhaize consists of brands such as Albert Heijn, Etos, Food Lion, Gall & Gall, Hannaford and Peapod. The company’s overall business serves some 50 million retail customers a week and is growing.

Ahold Delhaize’s commitment to make life a “little easier, healthier and affordable” for its shoppers demands digital transformation together with its trusted partners to stay ahead of the curve as customers’ preferred grocery store.


“To me what’s most exciting is that there are just so many things that we can do that are all focused around the customer.”


See the rest of Ahold Delhaize Chief information Officer Ben Wishart’s conversation on how the company drives efficiency and effectiveness in this one-and-a-half minute video.


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