You’re on a digital journey to achieve better business outcomes. But you also may be creating new security risks. Simon Arnell, DXC Technology’s security chief technologist, shares the initial steps every organization should take to secure its enterprise during a digital transformation. For a deeper dive, read the position paper on rethinking risk and enterprise security in a digital world.

1. Create two roadmaps.

One for your digital transformation. And one for your enterprise security. These two journeys are separate yet parallel.

2. Create a security team for digital transformation.

Security team members need to be part of the digital transformation process and be able to articulate the security risks this journey will likely entail. Alternatively, consider working with a trusted security partner that has the expertise and experience to understand the risks and accelerate delivery of results while hewing to the enterprise’s risk appetite.

3. Reengineer processes and pick the right technologies.

CIOs have to reengineer your processes to enforce proactive security. The combination of new privacy laws and new technologies will require many organizations to change the way they operate. That means proactively building in robust security right from the start.

Also, CIOs must ensure that you have the right technologies to achieve the desired outcomes. Note: You probably don’t have the right technologies today. If that’s the case, your organization will need to bring in new tools.