Digital transformation is not just about technology change; it’s about culture change. And according to Dan Hushon, senior vice president and chief technology officer for DXC Technology, the companies that thrive are those that have a culture of experimentation.

“When I look at today’s digital projects, they tend to have one quality that’s really important,” Hushon says, “and that’s a well-known goal at the end, but very few instructions on how to get there.”

The ability to experiment, learn and share — and then repeat at scale — is vital.

“What’s important for the boardroom to begin to recognize,” Hushon says, “is that there really isn’t a roadmap. There’s a waypoint on the horizon that you’re aiming at, and you’re allowing people to try out different routes to get closer to that horizon before you start solving for efficiency.”

To get to that end goal as quickly as possible, teams need to use the learning they’ve attained — where they’ve failed and where they’ve succeeded — and then share that learning with the rest of the enterprise. In that way, the lessons they’ve learned can be used to create a common practice for all teams.

“The things that really make your product great,” Hushon says, “almost exclusively come from experimentation.”

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