Technology is rapidly improving outcomes for patients in hospitals around the world. At the same time, innovative uses of technology are improving the hospitals themselves.

Dan Angelucci, DXC Technology’s regional chief technology officer for Asia, tells the story of one hospital that has started using its enterprise social media platform to address maintenance problems. The solution began with what now seems like a very simple observation.

“They realized that every single one of their employees essentially had a smartphone,” Angelucci explains. “And that smartphone had a camera.”

And that’s when the game began to change.

“If employees see something that’s broken, they take a picture of it,” Angelucci says, “and they post it to a particular group.”

But that is just the start. Innovative approaches such as gamification tap into human competitiveness to improve results throughout a hospital.

“Now the gamification side of what digital is all about starts to come out,” Angelucci says. “The people who are on the maintenance team can actually say, ‘Well, I fixed this problem in 10 minutes. You can see by the time stamp.’ And they begin to compete with each other.”

Proper maintenance is one of the most important functions in a hospital, ensuring a clean, safe environment, reduced downtime and compliance with regulatory requirements. Using technology in innovative new ways to quickly solve maintenance issues is a win-win for everyone — the patients, the employees and even the community.

“That, to me,” Angelucci says, “is an example of how digital can really change the game.”