Every company today is being challenged by some form of disruption. Consumer needs are changing, regulations are changing and business conditions are changing. Products are evolving almost every month — because they have to.

As customer experience becomes more of a differentiator, there’s tremendous change in the market related to robotics and artificial intelligence (AI).

“You have to think very differently about the assets that you have as a company,” says Dan Hushon, DXC Technology’s chief technology officer. This includes redesigning processes so they become streamlined to meet clients’ expectation of immediacy.

A combination of robotic process automation and AI gives organizations the ability to do more with less. AI and robotics are changing business models and augmenting worker productivity. Moving repetitive, high-volume tasks to a robot delivers great benefits in efficiency. Workers are also now free to move into roles that require more creativity and critical thinking.

“What artificial intelligence will do is allow these robots to actually move beyond their preprogrammed swim lanes,” says Dar Suy, director of business process services (BPS) emerging capabilities at DXC. “All of this will allow the human workforce to be diverted to higher-value aims.”

AI will bring the next wave of automation and productivity into business processes and customer interactions. The organizations that will thrive in the future will see AI as not just a cost reduction, but rather as a way of redeploying people to drive a superior customer experience and differentiate the organizations’ go-to-market strategy. AI and other emerging technologies can truly be transformative.

“We say, ‘Expect the unexpected’,” says Mahesh Shah, vice president and general manager for BPS at DXC. “And the reason why we say that is [because] we are constantly challenging our team to question everything.”

Expecting the unexpected — and taking advantage of it — is good advice for any company that wants to succeed in today’s constantly changing world.