DXC experts drill down into the business benefits and challenges of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with WIRED.


welcome to the age of AI-based super asistants


Ready for the age of AI-based super assistants? Over the next three to five years, smart virtual personal assistants will empower employees and, at a greater level, machines will also start learning from other machines, says Marc Wilkinson, CTO of workplace and mobility at DXC and a Distinguished Engineer.

Marc and DXC’s Jerry Overton, data scientist and senior principal of analytics and a DXC Fellow, were interviewed by WIRED magazine for an article about rapidly changing analytics trends, “Welcome to the Age of AI-Based Super Assistants.”

AI and machine learning have been helping workers for years in the form of spam filters, which use algorithms to understand an email’s value. These agents are becoming much more efficient as they incorporate employee personalization, explains Wilkinson.

“The concept of personalization is about bringing an extra facet of value into what we receive and digest,” he says.

The next step is machines learning from other machines, a process Wilkinson calls “proactive management.”

Humans have already embarked on the path to becoming AI-enhanced just by carrying smartphones and using online search tools. “We’re going to see this symbiosis becoming closer,” he said. “We will evolve as humans because we’ll have much more insight into what’s going on around us.”

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