The rise of AI support tools will deliver benefits in the form of improved employee experiences and engagement, higher productivity and more-optimized IT services.


Fueled by an explosion of data, rapid growth in cloud computing and the emergence of advanced algorithms, business adoption of artificial intelligence is accelerating.

According to CCS Insight’s survey of IT decision-makers, 58 percent of respondents said they are using, trialing or researching the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in their organizations.

Respondents to the same survey also estimated that as much as 30 percent of their business applications would be enhanced with machine learning within the next 24 months — a bullish view considering the technology’s well-documented problems with trust, cost and the lack of skills needed to train machine learning systems.

Trends indicate that over the next five years, AI will change the way we work and, in the process, transform businesses. One of the most promising early applications of AI is in IT support services. Forward-thinking companies are beginning to look to AI to transform workplace IT support. They are doing so against a backdrop of high levels of employee dissatisfaction with workplace technology, poor productivity and low employee engagement.

Almost half of employees responding to CCS Insight’s Employee Mobile Technology Survey 2016 stated that their workplace technology does not fully meet their needs. When employees have an IT problem, according to our estimates, the average IT service desk call in large businesses takes more than 12 minutes to resolve it. With each employee calling the IT service desk up to 12 times a year, many organizations are actually hindering their workforce through poor IT support services

In this report, we highlight the advantages that artificial intelligence brings to the IT service desk function as a means to improve employees’ experience and productivity. As a fundamental element of future IT support strategies, AI will enable organizations to overcome some of the biggest challenges facing IT departments and usher in new forms of business value.

This report aims to be a practical guide for CIOs and IT managers responsible for workplace technology services in their organizations. It examines current adoption trends, the challenges and benefits raised by AI support and the areas where a new generation of IT support services based on AI will emerge.

With several customer examples and practical recommendations for getting started, above all, this report should prompt organizations to implement the technologies, partnerships and processes needed to succeed in this important aspect of the future digital workplace.

Read the full CCS Insights report here.